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I started in public service at the neighborhood level in Anchorage because I saw the problems in my community and wanted to fix them. I spent thousands of hours fighting for working families so our future generations can have more hope and opportunity. If we work together and hold our values above divisive political discourse, we can improve the lives of all Alaskans. 


As your next Congressional Representative, I will be available to all Alaskans. I will work within my caucus and across the aisle for climate adaptation and resilience; increased access to affordable health care; high-speed internet; money for roads, bridges, airports and ferries; fisheries management; responsible resource development; and to protect the rights of all Americans. I will put Alaskans first. 

Learn more about Christopher Constant’s position on the issues that impact ALL Alaskans below:


Jobs and Alaskan Economic Development


Working Families


Transportation and Infrastructure


Alaska’s Resources


Tourism in Alaska


Health and Wellness


Women’s and Reproductive Health


LGBTQ+ Rights and Alaska


Education in Alaska


Law Enforcement & Public Safety


Housing and Homelessness in Alaska


Climate Change & Alaska’s Natural Environment




Alaska Native Communities


Christopher Constant for Congress:

Together, we can build a better tomorrow. Join us.

To learn more about Christopher Constant and his campaign for ALL of Alaska please click here. To learn more about where Christopher Constant stands on the Issues impacting all Alaskans please check out our Issues section. If you’re looking to volunteer please contact us, or help donate to the campaign today. We can build a better future – together.