How to Improve Alaska’s Economy

How To Improve Alaska'S Economy

How to Improve Alaska’s Economy

Alaska remains in its longest recession on record. Right as we were climbing out of the recession in 2019, the pandemic hit, serving as the breaking point for workers. What followed is referred to as the Great Resignation. Workers across all industries left their jobs despite financial insecurity, not because they were lazy, and not because they could afford to live on a government stimulus check. They left because the Ronald Regan-era degradation of workers rights has created the largest wealth gap this nation has ever seen. They left because they are tired of low wages and poor benefits.

As Alaska’s next Congressman, Chris Constant aims to fix this and rebuild Alaska’s economy on renewable energy research and production, fair wages, investments in education and health care, support for Alaska families and new infrastructure projects.

A better economy means more prosperity for Alaskans. It means new, small businesses throughout Alaska. It means fewer people experience homelessness. It means people move to Alaska, rather than leave the state in search of opportunity. It means shrinking the wealth and wage gaps so that communities of color can truly prosper in this state.

Chris Constant has five factors he will fight for in Washington to improve Alaska’s economy.

Support Labor

The organized labor movement is surging in the United States in a way we have not seen in our lifetimes. In the past six months, there has been a 60% increase in petitions for union elections. Union membership is experiencing the largest gain since the 1930s.

Workers for mega corporations such as Amazon and Starbucks are taking back power and successfully unionizing, despite opposition efforts spending millions of dollars. Companies are fighting unionization so strongly because they know organized labor leads to better compensation, benefits and schedules for workers. Union workers make an average of 11% more than non-union workers doing the same job. While 69% of non-union workers have health insurance, 96% of union workers do.

Christopher Constant has supported organized labor 100% of the time. He has never taken a single vote against the interest of working Alaskans. As your next Congressman in Washington, you can count on Christopher Constant to be an unequivocal supporter of working families.

In Alaska, we have work to do. The Alaska Legislature voted in 2005 to remove defined benefits for public employees. This was awful policy and left Alaska as one of the few jurisdictions without defined benefits. This must be fixed to take care of our public workers and give us the ability to recruit the best and brightest to our state. Luckily, the Alaska Legislature has the opportunity to restore defined benefits for law enforcement officers and firefighters. Christopher Constant is a proud supporter of this bill because it will keep Alaskans safe and has pushed the Legislature to act every time a similar bill has been introduced. Christopher Constant is a friend of the Alaskan worker.

Seize Opportunity from the Infrastructure and Jobs Act

The Infrastructure and Jobs Act provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring billions of dollars to Alaska to repair our roads, bridges, ports and airports. We can bring clean water and sewer to rural Alaska. We can make long-overdue investments in broadband so people throughout the state have access to goods, services and education needed to thrive.

However, much of this funding is through competitive grant opportunities. As your next Congressman, Christopher Constant is dedicated to working with local and tribal governments and organizations to ensure Alaskans are submitting competitive applications. With this funding, we can rebuild a better Alaska.

Transform to a Renewable Energy Economy

The future of Alaska is one not dependent on fossil fuels. It’s a clean Alaska where we protect our environment and wildlife. It’s an Alaska with clean air. It’s also an Alaska with ample, high-paying jobs.

Chris Constant has a vision to seize this bounty through a measured transformation from an oil and gas economy to one built on renewable energy, with no Alaskan left behind. By investing in research and development of clean energy production, we can put Alaskans to work and provide a model for the rest of the world. With Alaska warming at twice the national average, nowhere is this work more critical.

Christopher Constant understands the economic ties of Alaska and the oil and gas industry. From our state operations to our university system to the economies of our small rural communities, oil and gas have provided a livelihood for decades. Christopher Constant does not support pulling the rug out from under these hard working Alaskans. He supports the required investment in this transformation to provide a better life for us all.

Affordable Housing

Alaska has a housing shortage of nearly 50,000 units. This affects every community. Without affordable housing, people are forced to work multiple jobs, live in overcrowded homes and experience homelessness. This doesn’t benefit anyone. He supports helping people access the dream of homeownership.

Christopher Constant has spent more than 15 years working to fix our broken homelessness response system and get people into housing. But it’s not just the homeless. For too many, the dream of buying a home is out of reach. Without a home, they have nothing to pass down to their children, creating generational wealth and stability throughout our state. This situation of haves and have nots has persisted for centuries and the divide is only growing.

As your next Congressman, Christopher Constant will support new construction of affordable housing. He will work to lower costs on demolition of inhabitable structures. He will fight to fund energy efficiency and home improvement programs. Christopher Constant believes that every Alaskan has the right to affordable housing, and to invest in an asset that can be passed down for generations.

Investment in Education

Investing in the knowledge of young Alaskans is the greatest economic investment we can make, however for too long politicians have instead favored quick, short-lived actions to boost their popularity ratings to stay in office. Christopher Constant supports unprecedented investment in education, including universal Pre-K, even though it will take decades to fully realize the fruit of these actions. That’s because Christopher Constant isn’t running for Congress as an ego boost. He’s running for Alaskans.

In addition to better funding public education, Christopher Constant wants to put an emphasis on increased funding for early education, and invest in better pathways to a career. Whether it’s college or vocational training, Christopher Constant is dedicated to affordable and accessible opportunities for all Alaskans.

For those who already attended college but are stuck in a cycle of debt due to high tuition costs and interest rates, Christopher Constant supports $50,000 in student loan debt forgiveness for all Americans making less than $125,000. About 46 million Americans are saddled with student loan debt. This combined $1.75 trillion in debt is a drain on our economy.